Monday, July 6, 2009

Know your audience

Which handsets are actually downloading your Java ME application? How many users report that your applications runs fine with their handsets? The answers are available to GetJar developers at Download Stats - Compatibility report, but I had a problem with it...

Since 2009 May, 14 my chess board has two versions available, one for MIDP 1.0 handsets and another for MIDP 2.0. From this day onwards I evaluate weekly downloads with handset details. At June, 7 I noticed that the most active handset at MIDP 1.0 version (Nokia 3110c - with 11% of all downloads and 53% of new downloads since May, 14) has droped to zero downloads, but appeared at MIDP 2.0 version and now it is one of the top 10 downloaders.

  1. Nokia N73

  2. Nokia 6300

  3. Sony-Ericsson K800i

  4. Nokia N70-1

  5. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

  6. Nokia 6600

  7. Nokia E71

  8. Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

  9. Nokia 3110c

  10. Sony-Ericsson W200i

According to the official site this device is really MIDP 2.0, so it was an error from GetJar to have it download MIDP 1.0 content to begin with. So what? Other 43 handsets are still downloading MIDP 1.0 version, below are the top 10 downloaders since May, 14.

  1. Nokia 3100

  2. Nokia 3120

  3. Samsung SGH D900i

  4. Nokia 3200

  5. Nokia N-Gage QD

  6. Nokia 6610i

  7. Sony-Ericson T610

  8. Samsung SGH U700

  9. Nokia N-Gage

  10. Nokia 7210

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