Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blog audience

Since 26 April 2009 I am following this blog statistics with Google Analytics and it had 566 visiting users (855 pageviews).
There are days days when I do not have a single visit, but it usually goes from two to six a day.
The most interesting part of the statistics for me is the Map Overlay, where we can see from which part of the wordl the visits came from.
Below is the world map with all 54 countries that have visited this blog and the number of visits for each.

The top 10 countries are:

  • Brazil: 255

  • United States: 56

  • India: 32

  • Portugual: 22

  • Poland: 21

  • Germany: 18

  • Sweden: 10

  • United Kingdom: 9

  • Turkey: 8

  • Russia: 8

It is natural to me to see so many visits from Brazil as I am Brazilian and have metioned this blog where I lecture and also at Brazil JUGs.
If you have a blog or a site you should really use some analytics tool.
It is very satisfaying to see all these different visits on the world map.

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