Thursday, December 17, 2009

Single Jar theory

This month there was a Sun Tech Days event at São Paulo, Brazil.
I could not be there, but I am thankful they shared the slides.

The only presentation about Java ME was JavaME: Building Cool Interfaces with the Lightweight UI Toolkit (PDF document). I think there are also other cool things on Java ME, but the event is a lot smaller than Java ONE and there was more interesting stuff on Java Standard and Enterprise. A Java ME event? Lets hope there will be a new Java Mobile, Media & Embedded Developer Days - Latin America.

Back to the presentation. At slide 26 there is this interesting suggestion about Easy deployment with One JAR.
I think this is the right way of thinking, but the presentation is about LWUIT being the answer.

I advocate the Adaptive User Interface for some time now and agree it is hard to achieve with only LCDUI and Canvas.
But I do not like the LWUIT overhead. To me 50K is still too much (slide 78).

My applications are small ones (below 15k) and I will keep them this way.
They focus on one feature and try to do it right: with good user experience.

Will I ever use LWUIT? Maybe. I might need an specially difficult UI - very hard to implement from scratch - and end up using this toolkit.
But I will first try doing it with Canvas (slide 19). If I can not do it this way I will still have learned something from it.

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